Ravenettes War 10 Page

Ravenette Permission Slips


Age: 24
Physical description: 173 centimeters tall - so I'm metric - sue me! (I think it's about 5'10" but don't quote me), Canadian, Blonde (this war anyways) short hair. More of a leggings and tshirt person than anything else.
Music: Currently listening to: Moist's new album, anything by Garbage or Great Big Sea
Drink: Diet Coke
Don't Drink: Coffee
No major allergies or cravings...although I do seem to spend an awful lot of time in McDonald's drive thru's buying fries...
Previous War Experience: War 9 - captured by the NNPack and brainwashed - although I did get a nifty peach tshirt out of it!
Availability: August 13 to 19th only


Age: 19
Physical description:about 5'4" tall...I have long, straight, brown hair, no bangs.....hazel- green eyes....very pale skin. I always wear dresses, but style can vary (today a hippie, tomorrow a Victorian.) And I generally go barefoot whenever I can get away with it.
Music: Sarah McLachlan is my favorite, and I tend towards Natalie Merchant and Loreena McKennitt, if left to my own devices. This summer, however, I've been absorbing Orgy, Korn, Offspring, and Rustic Overtones through sheer proximity. Scary combination.
Drink of choice: I generally drink water, and I also crave chocolate (although I'm with you, LeeAnn, on the french fry thing.)
Previous War Experiences: War 9 - Kat managed to tick off the Mercs last war...something to do with pink hair dye and a shaver...
I think that my War 9 fiasco is pretty well known....I still have plenty of razors.
Availability: Currently attending college.


Age: 42
Physical description: blonde hair, straight, down to my waist, long bangs down to my eyebrows. blue eyes, tall. purple and black garb, all the time, year round. sandals in the summer,*love* boots in the winter. dress boots with heels, especially. prefer native american jewelry.
Likes: non-alcohol-coke, alcohol- A spumante shrimp cocktail
Doesn't Like: Kool-Aid, Mayonnaise, Beef Liver
Previous War Experience: War 9
Availability: Full war, will write


Age: 43
Physical Description: Looong dark red hair, sometimes french braided (yes, I'm vain about it). I'7m 5"6 and undertall. My eyes are greenish. I wear glasses. I'm fond of long dangling earrings, my favorite pair are silver dragons with amethyst eyes designed by Alphone Mucha in the Art Deco style. I prefer longer dresses - above the ankle. My favorite colors are are blue and dark green, although black with gold jewelry works really well on me. I tend to teeter badly in high heels.
Likes: Dr. Pepper, mustard, onions
Doesn't Like: Coke, horseradish, liver
Previous War Experience: War 9
Availability: Full time, will write


Age: 18
Physical Description: Hair - dark brown, pretty short (think Liv Tyler's current style, bit shorter)
Height - 5"7' barefoot at 6:45 AM, %2B 1%22 in Doc Martens, or 2%22 in my other Doc Martens
Garb - Typically jeans, teeshirts, and Doc Martens (black, silver, brown or purple boots, take your pick). However, I do have an extensive collection of black dresses and a lovely black cloak, among other goodies.
Other - fatally addicted to Bon Jovi, Mikie, never without a watch, tattoo on left ankle of a g-clef, 3 holes in each ear.
Likes: virgin raspberry daqueries, ketsup (if it's not red I won't eat it!) C steamers or chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough
Doesn't Like: beer or anything alcoholic, mayonaise, mushrooms or collard greens
Previous War Experience: War Virgin
Availability: Full time, will write


Age: 15
Physical Description: And what do I look like...Aside from a woefully practically nonexistant suntan...Height 5 7 Weight TOP SECRET but under 120 Hair Brown midlength w/red highlights yes Dark brown Brown wire glasses DARK* blue or preferably black skirts w/large pastel flowers LOTSA dark green Brown spaghetti-strap sandals White flower earrings Teddy bear ring Basically... Divia meets Natalie -- with glasses Oh, yessss, BTW, I'm kinda *not* usually very serious.
Likes: *_CHOCOLATE_*
Doesn't Like: Cold, old macaroni & cheese Ugh
Previous War Experience: none
Availability: Classes start again midway through the war..., will write.


Age: 17
Physical Description: A bit short, at a little under five foot, four inches tall, with a tendency to be easily overlooked in a crowd -- but that's okay, it makes disappearing all the easier. Hair is light and long, as close to white as blonde can naturally come, and perfectly straight. Eyes and skin follow the same way, being light blue with a hint of gray and so pale that more than a few minutes in the sunlight, and you can tell from the burn. If I dress in anything but black, I'm in a mood, and even when I do wear black, I'm still in a mood... that mood being highly unpredictable. When out in public I tend toward long dresses and skirts ,no matter what the temperature is outside, while resting, jeans and t-shirts are the way to go. And an always -- boots. Cause heels suck.
Likes: 7-Up, Mustard, Strawberries
Doesn't Like: Coke, Horseradish, Anything with tuna
Previous War Experience: none
Availability: Full time, will write

Aron Michaels

Age: 19
Physical description: Hair: shoulder length and dark blond
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'2
Typical garb: casual (but fashionable)
Favourite beverage/condiment/food: veggie juice, cold pizza
Least favourite beverage/condiment/food: coke and beef
War experience?: No
War availability: Full war, will write


Age: 39 til near the end of the war
Physical description: I am 5 feet 11 inches tall with light brown hair that is just past my shoulders and a fairly liberal amount of gray as well. I use a walker. Note the typical garb is for the war not my typical garb. Generally wear blouse and skirt. Blouses are button front and often of silk or Satin. Skirts are always below the knee and of any type of material.
Likes: Herbal tea
Doesn't Like: regular tea - upsets my stomach War experience: None
Availability: Full time, will write


Physical Description: Height 178 cm 5' 10"
Hair Color Brown with some grey(pony tail)
Eye Color Blue Grey
Black Double breasted suit Dark Shirt, sometimes black tie
Play Guitar very amateur
Likes: Scotch, Red wine/ Asian or French food
Doesn't like: cheap wine, Bourbon, fast food
War experience: War9 survivor
Availability: Full war


Physical Description: I'm rather short (160cm) with shoulder length brown hair which I like to wear up to keep it out of the way. I also wear glasses without which I'm asb lind as a bat. I usually wear jeans and sweaters or in the summe long dresses. Earrings are usually the only jewellery I wear. Since I'm Finnish I speak English with an accent.
Likes: Ginger ale, chocolate and spaghetti
Doesn't Like: Won't touch coffee or sausages in any shape or form.
War experience: War 9
Availability: Full war, will write